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Helena Smith

In my example,

Disabled the Next button at the start of the timeline

Created a "visited" state for each tab

Change the state of the "next" button to normal once the user has 'visited' each tab. 

Make sure to set the slide to "Reset to initial" state. In that way, if the user hits the previous button, the state of the "next" button resets back to "disabled". 

Helen Tyson

Hi Sherry

Another way of doing this is to set the menu to "Restricted" in the player settings and this all happens automatically.

However it's worth noting that if you do this in the Menu properties it restricts the whole course so if you only want to restrict on certain slides the advice of the previous respondents is spot on.


Eric Bybee

I just completed work on a course for a client in which the State mandated a 120 block of time for the learner to spend in the course.  No matter how hard I pushed back (professionally of course) the State held its ground.  Senseless and silly, what can you do.  I used my own Next buttons and had it appear when my Timeline ran out.  

I'm just glad I don't have to take this training...:)


david tedman

Hi all

I have a question which follows on from this discussion. 

I have 4 buttons on screen, when clicked shows 4 different layers

I also have a next button on screen which when clicked shows the same 4 layers in sequence using cue points to move along the timeline

Does anyone know how I can link the next button with the on-screen buttons?

Wendy Farmer

Hi David

not sure I'm following. If I click the button and go to layer 1 how do I return to the base layer.  What happens if I return to the base and the cue point kicks in to take me to say layer 3 - have I then missed layer 2 or do you have pause timeline of base layer on?

Might be easier for someone to suggest something if you upload the .story file.


david tedman

Hi Wendy

This is what I have

I am looking to allow the user to click the next button to progress and click the 3 buttons on screen also.

What the client wants is for the buttons to be linked so if the user clicks on the screen buttons the next button also updates 

Helen Tyson

Hi David

I think the slide has become a little complicated by using the cue points. If you take the cue points off and just use "Show layer" triggers it might be much simpler.

Each of the large buttons already has the trigger so that's fine. Add a trigger to show layer 1 on the Next button on the slide. Then take a copy of that button and place it on layer 1 and edit the trigger so it shows layer 2 etc.

By having a "Show layer" trigger on each layer it means they will move through in sequence even if the user jumps into the middle by clicking on Step 2 from the slide.

On the final layer have the next button move you onto the next slide.

Hope that helps


david tedman

Hi Helen

Thanks for coming back and for your advice which I have tried out, unfortunately if the user clicks the on-screen buttons 2 or 3 then clicks the next button they will miss layer 1 completely.

If they click on-screen button 3 first and then click Next button they go to the next slide and miss layer 1 and 2 completely 

I think what I need is a variable with a condition to say something like, if on-screen buttons 1/2/3 have all been visited the Next button goes to the next screen. Just don't know how to set that up, if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be grateful 

Thank again