Required Training Hours - ILT vs eLearning

Hi, I'm a multimedia designer that now has instructional design responsibilities 🤯 and can use some help.

We are building courses to satisfy regulations that require a certain amount of hours training per year. Many of these regulations specify in-service or ILT training hours. Has anyone created an eLearning course based on these requirements? Do ILT hours equal eLearning? My intuition is the same content taught in an ILT could be taught more quickly in an eLearning course.

Thanks for any assistance and thoughts!

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Ray Cole

While you  might be able to cover content more quickly in an e-learning course vs. ILT, that won't help you if the regulatory requirement is for a certain minimum time-length for the course. For example, in my location, Workplace Harassment training must be 2 hours long. Yes, this is an idiotic requirement that makes no sense from an instructional standpoint, but it's written into the law so we are stuck with it. When faced with something like that, efficiencies of one delivery method over another don't matter. No matter how you deliver the training, it has to be 2 hours long.