Research Work - How to Implement LMS successfully? Identify the key challenges you faced while implementing LMS.

Hello everyone, 

My friend is conducting a research as part of his MBA dissertation, which he is doing from the University of Bradford UK.  As part of his research, he needs to interview e-learning practitioners/professionals who have been involved in the implementation of e-learning in an organization. 

 He would like to conduct 30 to 45 min interview (SKYPE) to ask few question regarding their experience.    

Research Outline 

The objective of this research project is to first identify the challenges which an organization face in implementing online learning and then suggest a detail change management plan which can be used as a step by step guide to implement online learning successfully.

 It is intended to carry out a research in at least five or more organizations who have successfully introduced and implemented e-learning. The main effort of this research will be to identify the critical success factors that can influence e-learning implementation success. Moreover during the course of the research, we will also identify the specific e-learning goals for each organization and how these organization measured/evaluated the success of their e-learning initiative. 

 The literature review will cover the latest developments on online learning strategies and how the online learning strategy is integrated with organization training strategy. 

The latest development in online learning technologies will also be discussed and appraised.

 Furthermore the literature review will also comprise various change management strategies which are being adopted by best in class organizations to implement online learning. It will cover all the stages of implementation of online learning.

 In the light of the primary research and literature review, a comprehensive implementation plan will be suggested which will encompass all the critical issues for the online learning implementation, uncovers potential roadblocks, and concretely defines the key steps required to ensure successful organizational implementation.  

 I shall be glad if anyone of you who implemented the LMS already, would like to share his/her experience.



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