Reset Game?

Good morning, all!

Thanks to everyone's help, I've been able to improve on my badge collecting game, but I came across one last issue...I want to provide the option for users to play again later on, but the few attempts I've made to reset the game just bring me back to the first slide, but all my previous input is still selected. For example, all of the areas on my gameboard still show as "visited", and all of the badges previously collected still show up despite trying to trigger the variables to return to 0 when the "retry" button is selected.

I can't help thinking I'm making this more complicated than it there a way to basically start the slate clean when this many triggers and layers are involved? 

I'll attach what I have now just to show what I've been trying to do...if anyone can point me in the right direction I'm more than happy to continue playing with it.

Thanks as always!

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Nicole Legault

Hi Katie, 

There is a trigger called "Restart Course" that is available from the trigger dropdown. Perhaps you can try create a button on your last slide and apply this trigger to it. Adding this trigger will bring the learner back to the first slide and will reset all slides, states and variables. 

Hope this helps!