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Hi Everyone...

I have a free form quiz slide (pick one) that I want users to be able to go back and retake if they wish.  The way I have it set up is that the learner inputs a numerical value and if the answer is correct when they click submit, a trigger changes the state of one of two radio buttons to selected, thus making it a correct answer.  If they input anything else, the other radio button state is selected.  

I have triggers and variables set in place to reset the radio buttons and the numeric entry field when they revisit.  My trouble is that I dont have a Submit option any longer on the player.  I only get next and previous.  

Is it possible with how I am doing this to make the Submit available again?  I appreciate any insight.  I would share the file, but it is part of a HUGE project.

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Rinnai America

Hi Allison

Thanks for the information, although as I check the slide, it is checked.  The slide works correctly the first time, but when revisiting, Next and Prev are available.  As I look closer at your screen shot, Changing the revisit option did the trick.  Thank you for the inspiration.

To answer your question, the prebuilt slide wont work.  That question is based on how someone answers a previous slide (10 possible answers).  So based on that answer, the second question calculates with variables.  So this one question could have 10 different correct answers.

Thanks again for the help!