Resetting after all three attempts are made (Drag and Drop)

I have created variables on the Try Again layer to jump to Incorrect Slide when the user hits the "try again " button. However, only after the condition of greater than or equal to 2. 


I want the Try Again option to appear ONLY after all three selections have been made. 


Currently, the Try Again option after the user selects one option on the second try. 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Helena,

As Wendy mentioned it would be best to take a look at your .story file - but you may also want to begin by reviewing the information here in regards to a few examples and ideas on how to reset this.  The drag and drop is not reset by default, so it'll involve a variable on the try again layer since the slide will have to be reset and therefore you can't use the question properties "attempts" element.