Resetting quizzes

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I did post this here question here as it was very much in line with what I am looking for -

I have looked through a lot of threads around quizzes and they were very interesting and danced around my issue, but very helpful.

I have a quiz (just questions, not a Question Bank) that have an option slide either end whether to proceed or not. The beginning; is an option whether to proceed to the lesson test - yes = go to the first question; no = go back to the menu and revisit the content.

The last slide, before the Results slide, is an option to: yes = see results, and no = return to question 1. The idea is so the student can go back to the start of the test questions and see what they have entered. 

What I want to be able to do is for the student to change their answer if they want to. In essence "reset" the slide and change their answer. I know you can do this by changing the properties (in terms of resetting upon revisiting), but I want the student to be able to see their original answer first "before" resetting the slide and then changing their answer. The trouble with changing the property to resetting upon revisiting, is that when the person goes back to the slide, the answer has gone, so the student is unable to see what they originally had. 

The point of the lesson test is so once the student is "inside" the lesson test, they cannot exit the lesson test unless they submit their answers to the results slide (yes = results). It is final testing area for the course, so I don't want them just jumping back and forth between the content and the lesson test and ending up with 100% each time. In other words, this is the final test for the lesson/course.

I have also tried setting up a "reset" button in addition in an attempt for the student to able to:      1. See their current answer, and 2. then press the reset button to "clear" the screen and make another choice, then submit again. However, in theory this would be viable option (reset button), but not sure how do do this either - not sure if creating a variable or is this would actually work. 

Any help is appreciated.


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