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Sarah Hodge

Hi Pulkit! If youโ€™re able to share your .story file, that would be helpful. If not, I went ahead and made this example based on what you shared. It has 5 questions drawn from a question bank. Each question allows 2 attempts. If they get the second attempt wrong, it says RESTART. This resets the Results slide and takes them back to the Quiz Title slide to start again. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.๐Ÿ˜Š

Pulkit Malhotra

Hello Sarah,

Thank you for the help and thank you for your example.

I have attached the file.

just to explain the game in few lines.

There is start point and end point.

user has to reach end point by answering at least 4 question right from 5 questions asked.

The questions are asked randomly

So i have added different layers to all 5 questions, triggering to show a certain layer if that is the 1st question answered correctly or the 4th question answered correctly.

The issue i am facing is with the triggers which wont show the right one as per number of questions correct or incorrect.


Sarah Hodge

Hello Pulkit! Thank you for the story file. That really helps. I can tell you've been working really hard on getting those triggers to work. 

One of the tricks I use to lessen the number of triggers is to use the Feeback Master. Click on the View tab>Feedback Master>Master slide (or Correct Feedback depending on when you want them to see their result). Putting the red dot and line here, makes it so you don't have to duplicate it on each individual quiz slide layer. All you need to do is edit the states of the red dot to be at different parts of the line:


  • Base layer: The only trigger you need is the Submit interaction trigger.
  • Correct layer: You only need one correct layer. For your trigger, Add value 1 to correctanswers when timeline starts (This way, the value is automatically added when they get it right. It does the math for you. No need to worry about which questions get asked first from the Quiz Bank) 
  • On the Restart layer: Set correctanswers to value 0 when timeline starts (In my example, I gave them two tries to get the question right. Once they've reached their limit and end up on the incorrect layer, it resets the value of the variable to 0)

I hope that helps. I started from scratch to make it easier to show you and attached my story file if you want to look at it. I hope your project goes well! 

Pulkit Malhotra

Thank You Sarah for the feedback. I was able to make it work with my project itself but yours project looks a cleaner way to do it. Will surely use this in future.

I just have one more question - Is there a way i can extend the motion path animation in straight line. I try to move it my dragging the red dot where the animation will complete and i want to extend it but the angle always changes and i cant make it a straight line.

i have attached an example.

Sarah Hodge

Hi Pulkit! Glad you were able to get it working. To make the motion path straight, first select your red endpoint. Then, on your keyboard press, Crtl+Shift+Enter. A Size and Position box will appear. Adjust the Height until your line is completely straight.  

I also wanted to point out that Articulate Storyline 360 allows for precision snapping. You can download a free trial if you want to check that out.