Restaurant E-Learning

I'm looking for some guidance... I'm a quick service restaurant owner with a couple of locations. Our biggest obstacle to future growth is our training program. 

I want to develop an e-learning system that will serve as the hub for our training. To teach and show the fundamentals so they have all of the information before they begin to practice in the kitchen. It will serve as a starting point for new employees (to show and quiz them on the basics) and also a place where current staff can go to refresh on particular subjects and learn new things.

I've purchased Storyline 2 and have been working to learn it over the past few months. But, as you can imagine, I'm having a hard time wearing all the hats on this project. I feel like I understand it all just enough to be dangerous... :) I'm at a point where I think I need to hire someone with knowledge of Storyline and has the e-learning experience to help me with building all of this and keep me moving in the right direction. 

I've searched around some, but just don't know where to turn for reputable help. So, my question is if anyone on this board has some good input (or interest) as to where I should turn for help with this. 

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Jerson  Campos

Hi Chad,  

I think you  have made the right choice. Creating great eLearning isn't just about having the right software, it's also applying several learning principles and theories and using the right development process to create a great learning experience.  

The list on that link is quite large. Another option you could do is post the job on this forum. You should have several individuals respond. Some details that could help you find the right candidate; your budget for the project, if you want somebody local or remote, an overview of the project, things you would like on the project (animations, narration, games,) - though the details of these should be proposed by the ID, time frame you need this project by.  

Posting it will also have the added benefit of being included in the weekly roundup of available jobs published by the staff here.

Good luck on your search.