Resticted scene advancing

I have a project that has a menu page and a number of scenes.  The user is able to advance through and choose each scene topic freely.  I would like for the user to have this option for all scenes except the Post Test scene and I would like for all scenes to be complete before the Post Test button is clickable. 

Can anyone help me with this? Is there a particular condition that would allow me to do this?

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I'm not sure that you can restrict it in the menu... however...
You could add a layer to the post test opening scene that triggers to open at slide start if all other scenes are incomplete based on some tracking variable.  This essentially accomplishes the same behavior of locking the scene until everything else is complete.  Users would be able to navigate to it, but not take it.

Judy Nollet

Another method to accomplish your goal:  

  • Set the initial state of the Post Test button to Disabled.
  • Create a T/F variable for each scene you want the user to complete before they can get to the test. For example: doneScene1, doneScene2, etc.
    • Give each variable an initial value of False (i.e., the user hasn't completed the corresponding scene).
    • Change the corresponding variable to True on the last slide of the scene (i.e., just before the user returns to your Menu slide).
  • Have a trigger on the Menu that changes the state of the Post Test button to Normal with the conditions that all of the scene-completion variables are True. Note that this trigger needs to be read/activated somehow each time the user returns to the Menu. In other words, when the user returns to the Menu, the program will check whether all the variables are True. And, if so, the program will enable the Post Test button. Two simple ways to do that:
    • Have the trigger change the button state when the base timeline of the Menu slide starts. If you use this, be sure to set the slide properties to Reset to Initial State when revisiting.
    • If you don't want the entire Menu slide to replay every time the user returns, put the trigger to change the button state on a blank layer, and set that layer's properties to Reset to Initial State. On the base layer, be sure there's a trigger to show that hidden layer the first time the slide plays. Since the layer is blank, it won't impact the menu content. But the layer will replay each time the user returns to the slide, which means the program will check whether or not it should enable the Post Test button.

If you're unfamiliar with variables and conditions, I recommend you check out Articulate's tutorials/guides. It's well worth your time to learn about those important tools.

Ulises Musseb

I create a "switchboard" slide, with buttons directing to each scene in any order. At the end of each topic scene, it goes back to the switchboard, displaying a covered topic as marked (using object states), if not all topics have been covered. When the last topic is covered, the last selected scene directs to the test.

The last slide for each topic scene has a conditional trigger taking to either the switchboard or the test.

For that you need to use variables and object states.