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We are trying to resolve an issue that we are facing with a clients LMS. The LMS is very restrictive in that we cannot have any specific settings for a particular SCORM package. The LMS settings are set for all packages. As a result, we are unable to limit a participant to only having access to entering a package once. Is there any solution to restricting the package so it can only be viewed while the package is incomplete, once complete a notification to the participant to say that the SCORM package is now complete and no further changes can be made?

All of these changes have to be done within Articulate as we have no access to the clients LMS.

Please let us know as soon as possible if this is possible or any solution that would be suitable.

Thank you for your help.

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Bob S


Just a question you may not have thought of... How are you going to administer this when the unavoidable oddball situations come up with users needing to go back in because the forgot to complete something, their browser messed up, their dog ate their homework, etc ?

Not saying what you are asking can't be done, but typically this sort of thing is handled on the LMS side for reasons.... one of those being a human admin that can change status and respond to situations in ways a course never will be able to.

Zett Zhou

I probably have a solution for you which I accidentally discovered as an "unwanted" design error. 

  1. Under publishing settings, set always resume progress.
  2. Create a closing slide, which only shows after user clicks a "Completion Confirm" button or equivalent. And the closing slide could be a video with your company logo, an animation, or a message. For the closing slide, you want to disable any user controllability, and the course can be set to exit when the timeline ends (optional).
  3. You would wanna enable a menu, so that users can nav around before completing the course. So even if they experience interruption before confirming complete, they can still pick it up, and go back to wherever they need to. The closing slide must be excluded from the menu, and the menu must be disabled for the closing slide. These are essential.

In sum, once a user reaches the closing slide, there is no option to nav back. 

There is a loop hole to this, if you use another browser, or the browsing history is removed from by the end user, they can launch it from scratch. If you wanna add extra security to prevent that, you can add an entry slide which requires access code input (say valid for a period of time), with the use of TextEntry on set conditions (using variables). And you gonna have to manually preset the acceptable input values in the backend, and it will require constant update.

Mike B.

You might also be able to use some javascript to get the course status from the LMS when your course first launches, and prevent the user from proceeding if the course has been completed. See this thread for some info on how to get that status: