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Dec 04, 2014

I'm very new to Storyline and I'm trying to build a course with 4 branching quizzes. Each student will only attempt one of the quizzes but the results only show Quiz 1 in Articulate Online. If a student attempts quizzes 2-4 the result shows a neutral response.

Am I asking the system to do too much or is there a solution?



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Barry Moore

 When you publish to Articulate Online or any LMS you will notice an option called "Tracking". The slide selected here is the slide Storyline will use to determine completion status/results and passes that to the LMS.

You can only select one slide not multiple. So if you have four quizzes and four results slides only one can be selected and used.

In short you need to build separate modules for each audience.


Adele Sommers

Hi, Kate!

You may want to take a look at this article, "Adding Results Slides," if you haven't already. In Step 3, it explains how to define a passing score, such as whether learners must pass each quiz to pass the overall course, or whether the scores from all of the quizzes will be combined into a single results slide.

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