Results slide for selected results slide - no score, incorrect reporting


I built a course in SL3 that has three quizzes. Each quiz has its own results slide and I made sure to pass through each in the course. The results slide for each quiz reports correctly (pass/fail and % score).

Now, I've set up a results slide that reports on all three quizzes and have come across two issues:

  1. If I select User must pass each quiz, I always fail, even if I got perfect. If I select Combine points from each quiz, I always pass, even if I didn't pass.
  2. The LMS provides no score.

I've created a custom results slide (1.5) and an automatic results slide (1.6) - both produce the same issues.  

What am I missing? 

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Kathy Lee

In the interest of time, I've tracked the final results slide (1.5 or 1.6) to all the questions instead of the results slides. 

This means I only have Combine points from each quiz as my option, but at least the LMS is showing a percentage score and marking pass/fail correctly.

I'm still interested in making the course work when tracking to the three results slides, so if anyone can provide insight, that would be amazing!