Results Slide issue - Storyline


I am building a Likert Scale assessment in Storyline.

I've used variables and triggers to show scores and totals on the results page. The problem I encountered is that when revisiting the Results slide, the total scores changes (see the story file attached).

I have a feeling it might have to do with the trigger "add variable when the timeline starts". What other trigger could I use so that the sum of columns doesn't change when revisiting the slide?

PS: If I adjust the Slide properties to "reset to initial state", then whatever learner writes in the text entry field will be lost.

Any ideas? Thank you!

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Nicole Legault

Hi Liliana! 

Here's an idea... 

  • Create a new true/false variable called "Results_Visited" and set it to be False by default 
  • Add a trigger on your Results slide: "Adjust variable "Results_Visited" to be equal to True when the Timeline starts on this slide" (now, when they visit the Results slide, the variable will change from False to True)
  • Add a condition to your "add variable when the timeline starts" trigger, by clicking the "plus" sign under the trigger and then adding "IF variable Results_Visited is equal to False".

Now -  it will only add the variable the first time they go through, when the Results variable is set to False. Once they've the Results slide, and revisit that slide, it will be set to "True" so it won't add the variable again. 

Hope this helps! Let me know if you need additional info or have more questions. :)