Results slides not linked correctly

Hi everyone,

I have broken my course and I am unable to discern how to fix it.   Simply, when a learner clicks a category, it takes them to the respective question bank with the exception of the Components category.  It presents the Components question bank, but also adds the Maintenance questions.  And when the learner completes the questions, it shows the Maintenance results slide.

This seems like it should be simple, but I can't see what I have misconfigured.  I appreciate any help on this.  I have attached the .story file.


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Sarah Hodge

Hi Terry! I'm so sorry that's happening! When I looked at your story file, I noticed the Components Questions (slide 1.8) has a trigger set to jump to the next slide, which in this case would numerically be 1.9  which is the Maintenance questions slide followed by 1.10 Maintenance Results. I'm guessing that is what's going on here. I went ahead and dragged the Components Results slide to be right after the Components Questions slide. I attached the story file for reference. I hope that helps.