Resume in Storyline - redirect to the same page

I'm wondering if the following is possible in any way in Storyline: when the user re-enters a course, they are directed to the same "home" screen each time, regardless of where they left previously. In this way, it mimics an app.

It's already set to automatically resume to remember their progress, but this needs to re-direct to the same screen each time, not simply their last spot. The only idea I have so far is to somehow set a variable (i.e., if "reDirect == true", jump to home screen), but have no way of setting this upon exiting the course. The only way to achieve this would be to add an "Exit" button on each page, which would adjust that variable (adjust "reDirect == true" when user clicks "Exit"), which does not work if the user simply closes out the course.

What happens when Articulate is exiting, or opening and resuming? Is there any info passed/stored that can be "communicated" so this is a more streamlined process? Any insight on this would be great.

Thanks in advance! - Michael

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