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Jun 19, 2017

In our previous template for SL2 we had created a "Resume" button that would take the use to which ever slide they left off on. This is based on their LMS account which holds a record of the furthest slide visited. player.showSlideIndex() was used to load the correct slide. This function is no longer available in SL3 so we are looking for a work around. 

Is their a built in resume capability in SL3? Or does anyone have a solution that they are currently using?

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Christian Cuneo

So it looks like the the player uses suspend_data to identify which slide to resume too. Does anyone know how to manipulate suspend data? if you alert(SCORM2004_CallGetValue("cmi.suspend_data")); it returns a string. That i assume needs to be split into pieces to retrieve specific data such as last frame viewed ext. 

Anyone worked with this before?

Christian Cuneo

The internal resume functionality returns the user to the last frame they viewed in the most recent instance of them running the module. We would like the module to resume to the furthest frame that the user has ever viewed.


Launch module, view frames 1-5, exit module.
Launch module, choose to start from beginning, view frames 1-3, exit module.
Launch module, choose to resume, module resumes on frame 5.

As it stands choosing resume would jump to frame 3

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