Retain image format and use of vector formats

Jun 02, 2016

I have been trying to get higher resolution design elements into SL, so today I gave WMF a try and they came intro storyline and did not drop in resolution when I resized them (unlike JPG and GIF).  As soon as I published to test if this would be a fix for pixelation in SL courses I discovered that SL converts the images to PNG causing pixelation. 


Is there a way to use SVG(not supported by SL) or WMF files and retain their quality when publishing?

Or is there a way that you can replace the PNG's in the published file with these formats?

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Jacinta Penn

While you can't use that format, there are a couple of things you can do to retain better quality. Firstly create a large high quality PNG. The trick here is to make the resolution of your picture the same as your story size - that way it doesn't try and compress or extend the image. If your picture is only going to fill a quarter of the page, make the resolution a quarter of the story size. I actually found this out on a tip from GoAnimate. I will include the link here for more details. Also when you publish, click on Customisation in the dialog box, and make sure your images are on highest quality. Hope this helps! 

Trina Rimmer

Hi Mitch. Just wanted to jump in and find out if you're noticing this pixelation when you're scaling Storyline's course player? If so, I'd suggest changing that setting to "optimize." 

If that's not the source of the pixelation issue, you may also find some guidance in this comment on a similar thread. Looks like a number of folks found Kay's approach worked for them.

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