Retry quiz setup so that you only re-do the questions that you got wrong

Apr 13, 2016

Hi everyone. Does anyone know how to setup a course so that a person is only required to re-do those questions that they got wrong from a bank of questions?

We would like it so that when they click on the re-try quiz button, it does not re-set all of the questions and put them into the mix. We also need to limit the number of attempts and not have it unlimited.  

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Mauro Gaiotto

Hi Mark!
In my experience, I think you have to create that system on your own...

1) create separated question slides (not a question bank), then create a final result slide related to all of the previous questions.

2) In every question, you have to create a specific true/false variable, which becomes true only if you answer properly. Set those variables to FALSE.

3) Then in every slide you set a trigger like "when timeline starts, check if the variable is true or false; if it's TRUE, jump to next slide". 

This mechanism will let you to re-try only questions with bad answer given.

The only limit I can see, it's that the result slide probably won't work...

I hope I gave an hint at least... Let us know!

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