Reusable Content in Rise?

Hi Articulate Team,

I'm working with a team which has developed about 20 Rise courses. It's a software company so there are (and always will be) regular system updates requiring the ISD team to revise the courses accordingly.  Many of these courses have content overlap for instance to introduce a specific feature or function for a different course. 

We're looking for a strategy to single source these items so that one ISD can update any reusable content which can be shared by others on the team. This will make us more efficient as well as keep a standard predictable style (style as well as voice).

It sounds like you have done that already for Storyline (New Storyline 360 Features: team slides), but maybe not for Rise??? I know Rise has a templates feature that I use to ensure I'm following style standards, but it's limited to my individual Rise account so it's not a good strategy for sharing chunks of content.

Is there anything on the horizon to allow us to do the same for Rise as what's now available for Storyline?



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