Reuse Variables?

Is it possible to reuse variables?

For example. I have a branching screen where you declare if you are a student or faculty/staff.

The option you choose will determine what path you go down for training. However, both paths will have a variable for the first name and that will be used later to create fake emails screens. Can I use the same variable called FirstName for both paths? I have not found a way to do this and currently I have 2 variable (Firstnamestaff and Firstnamestudent) it is not a huge issue but it would save me a little time if I could use the same variable regardless of what path they took.

Nobody should be taking both paths they would choose one or the other so I would not ever need the data in the variable to change.


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Mark Woolwine

I would think that the variables could be the same. Let me see if I have it right: 

Jim comes in and selects if he is student or faculty/staff. He choses Faculty The next slide asks for his name. He enters his name. LAter an email has Jim's name in it. Correct.

When you create the textbox for entering names have the variable assigned to  Firstname for both the student and faculty staff sections of the module.