Reveal button after image states change

My scene has seven interactive objects (images). Each object is equipped with a hover state that makes it glow. When clicked, the object reveals a slide. When the slide is finished playing, the user is returned to the base layer.

^ This is not a problem.

However, i have also set a trigger for each object that changes its state from 'normal' to 'visited' when clicked, but when the revealed slide is done playing and the user is returned to the base layer, the object is not in its 'visited' state, it's in its 'normal' state.

I have a 'continue' button set to only reveal itself once all the objects have changed from 'normal' to 'visited' but because every time i return to the base layer, the objects are not taking on a 'visited' state, there is no way for the conditions to be met for my 'continue' button.

Please help! Thank you.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Tina

you don't need a trigger for a built in state - SL knows what to do automatically and sometimes creating those triggers can cause issues.

Order of triggers is also important so depending what other triggers are on the slide that could be causing your issue

Try removing the visited triggers and see if that works - if not,  do you want to upload your story file - easier  for someone to help if they can see your setup.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Tina

on the base slide where you have all the objects you don't need to repeat those on each layer - that is where one issue was.

I have removed all the objects from each layer that don't relate to that layer, duplicated the glowing state and called it hover so you don't need the hover triggers, and it appears to be working as you want.

I have so far only checked the filing cabinet and clock but here is how it appears now those two layers have been displayed - the visited glow state is on.  Sorry I don't have time to check all the others (as they are driven by the layer audio and timelines. 

If you can check to see if all is working - if not let me know where there is still an issue.

I also didn't see where you had a trigger to change the state of the Continue button from disabled to normal when all object states are visited (sorry I may have deleted that in my earnest to clean up) so you will need to add that back in.

Also I didn't know what the v1clock variables were being used for so I left them on the layers.