Hi - I'm almost done with this online training module. I did not have much time to put this together because I'm on a very very short deadline. If you have some suggestions I would love the feedback.  I have an interactive scenario that I'm working on that will involve the learner having to make some decisions and choices of how to properly clean up a site with blood and other bodily fluids.  You will see the placeholder slides for that where I'll insert it when I'm done.

I haven't had the elearning designer hat on for very long and came into this job with only some basic training background and powerpoint skills, so please be gentle with the feedback on this draft module!



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Brian Duvall

Melanie . . . overall, very good.  Only two suggestions:

  1. I liked the use of video clips, but there were a lot of them.  You may be required to use all these clips.  If you're not, I'd look at covering a few of the topics in a different format so the learner gets a change of pace and method.
  2. I know you'll have an overall interactive scenario towards the end, but I'd look at sprinking in a few mini-scenarios that allow the learner to go ahead and use some of the content in a real situation.  Could be as simple as a few Quizmaker slides that provide a situation and ask the learner to respond.  This could even tie back to #1 above . . . you introduce the topic with a scenario and then have the learner pull content from a source (website, document attached to course) to work through it instead of covering the content through a video.
Lisa Wesley

Hi Melanie....I agree with everything Brian said.  Also I got confused at slide 4 to slide 5.  Slide 4 went so quick (5 seconds) and then the video player disappeared from the screen and writing remained.  I caught myself asking "what just happened there".  Now keep in mind it is 9:15 am and I haven't had my 2 cup of coffee so I may still be a little slow.

I don't know if you seen the example that someone came up with for quizmaker where they used video to ask questions.  Since you have so many videos that are used you may want to review these templates under this website.  I built them in 2 minutes and I think they would work well with your learner.

Since I am also a graphic designer I would like to add that I like the use of your color palette and your use of images as transparent background on slides were very nice.  You did a nice job for not having your fingers in it for some time.  How much time do you have to make some minor revisions?  This will help some of us come up with some ideas for you if you would like to replace some of the videos if possible.

Melanie Sobie

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I only have a week or so to make some quick changes but I'm also still working on my interactive scenario. Adding other mini scenarios wouldn't be do-able now because those would each have to be reviewed by the health and safety committee and then the security committee.

I will look for the example with the video used in quizmaker to answer questions. That sounds like a simple way to break up one or two of the videos with some questions. A couple of the videos I could see where I could just take a few snippets from the video clip and integrate that in quizmaker with some thought provoking work specific questions. Thanks for that idea!

Thanks for the comment about the color palette and images! Glad you liked that! Thank goodness for PPT 2010 templates. They are a lifesaver for me when I am rushed for time in putting something together.

This learner audience doesn't use computers much, hence the instructions on adjusting audio volume and pressing the play button on the video. I don't have those elements in my other courses for other audiences. This audience also doesn't have access to the internet. (They actually like video clips a lot.)

Thanks everyone!