Review and Feedback Please

I've recently completed a project and would like some feedback.  It is a very long linear course, but it is broken down into sections and there are periodic knowledge-checks.

I'm really just looking for feedback or comments that would help me build on my skills and experience and grow as a course developer. What did I do that worked well, and what didn't work so well?

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Belen Casado



I find the look & feel highly professional. I also like theintro. The tabs you created let the user access the audio help guide and theview options only if they need it.

Ialso like the use of the desk with the coffee and how the different documentsappear.


Asa user, what I liked less is to have a lot of text + audio. I think I’d ratheronly read it if it’s compulsory to have all that text on the course. Maybe theaudio could provide a summary of what’s written or just the title.

Istopped at slide 13 (quiz), as long as I didn’t know the right answers and itdoesn’t allow advancing without selecting all the correct statements. Is this arequirement or it can be changed?


Ihope that this helps!

Melanie Sobie

Thanks Belen for taking some time to take a look at this and give me some feedback!

I completely agree with the excess of text and audio! There's actually a story behind that - I learned by reading "e-Learning and the Science of Instruction" that doing this is violates The Modality Principle of presenting words both as speech and on-screen text.  But of course I didn't learn that until after I had already built those text-heavy Engage interactions!  So anyways, I haven't done this in any other courses that I've created. And for this particular course, it will actually be helpful for our learners use the module as a handy go-to refrence guide long after they've completed the initial training module and they can get information without having their audio turned on.

As  you can probably guess, I'm new to the elearning training world and mostly self-taught, so I'm looking for input from this wonderful community to help set some training and development goals for myself for the next year. One thing I want to do is take an online elearning certificate training program that covers how to create training programs with interactive scenarios. And another goal I have is to learn how to use mind maps.

For anyone else that is interested in helping out a newbie like me develop her skills, here is the cheat-sheet to get past the quizzes:

Slide #13

Q1 - 1, 2, 4, 6

Q2 - 1, 3

Q3 - F

Slide #17

Q1 - 1,250; 1,000; hours only; hours and paid

Q2 - select both

Q3 - N

Q4 - 2

Slide #27

Q1 - F, W, W, F, W

Q2 - F, W

Slide #28

Q1 - B

Q2 - F

Q3 - F

Q4 - W

Slide #33

Q1 - N

Q2 - 1


Simon Perkins

This is a great effort Melanie, especially if it's one of your early builds.

Re feedback:

  1. Several slides have animations that having too much 'hang time' in-between.  I'd look at your timings and speed things up.  
  2. Minimising textual content by supplementing it with narration (and maybe a transcript for those without audio/hard of hearing etc) as mentioned above is also a great idea.
  3. Perhaps look at giving the learner a choice of what they want to see instead of giving it to them.  E.g. those forms that fly in at the start - use the notebook to list the forms and make each one link to the relevant form (with animation if you like) instead of having them appear en masse.

There are so many different ways to deliver content and it really only comes with practice + feedback + research and so on.  You're on the right track and it's great that you're reaching out for advice too.