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We are currently working on a course containing 4 main areas.

Area 4 are 4 separate sales dialogues, so in all we have 7 powerpoint/presenter courses. Most of them use 5-8 engage interactions, and 3-6 quizzes (Area 1-3 has an assessment quiz in the end containing 6-8 questions.)

All courses are publish as SCORM 1.2 and are running on the customer LMS.

Now the customer wants review documents, in which he will consolidate all inputs from the test users world-wide.

When I publish (from presenter) to Word I expected to get all info that could be reviewed, but it seems that I get a screen dump and space to white comments. For the engage interactions, only first page is included, the same goes for all the quizzes.

Here goes:

Does anyone have a way, a method, a good tip - well even a good history - on how to perform reviews using Articulate Studio '09. The test group are all over the world in different time zones so they will need a way of giving feedback in an easy way.

They have access to the courses through the LMS, but we need to give them a way of giving feedback easily.

Looking forward

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Niels,

When you publish to Word from Presenter, any quizzes or interactions you've embedded will appear as just their placeholder slides. But you can open the individual quizzes and interactions in Quizmaker & Engage, respectively, and publish the quiz/interaction content to Word from there. Here's a bit more about that.

Regarding your question about collecting review comments, what I've seen some folks do is create a google in which reviewers can capture collective feedback. A google spreadsheet or google form can work well for this, where reviewers specify the slide or section they're commenting on, and then enter their remarks; that way you can sort the feedback by slide or section. You could provide a link to the google doc on your slide master(s) - that way it's always accessible from any slide in your course.  

On a related note, you could check out the Google doc widget that James Kingsley offers here.

Another paid solution you might be interested in exploring is CommentCatcher, a product from i3Logic.