Rewards and Acheivements

Mar 08, 2016

Hi all

I am creating a new elearning course for my company. The overall plan is to create a custom menu, through which the trainee can move through to information and content on each department of the company 9sales, marketing, HR etc)

I'm keen for the trainees so collect badges or rewards for completing tasks in each of these areas. 

However, we will not be uploading the whole course at once. Rather, I will be working with one department to create content, uploading it, then working with another department. So I will slowly but surely be re-uploading the course for our trainees to explore as it changes and grows.

My concern is that any achievements and rewards they gain in version 1 of the course, will disappear when the updated version 2 goes online, and so forth.

Is there any way around this? Or will we just have to take the hit, and finally when the building of the whole course is complete, at least future trainees will get to have the desired experience?


thanks for any advice


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julia collins

Hi Martin,

this sounds like a great idea.To get your desired effect without using a LMS you could give users a code(numbers,letters etc) at the end of each course. The users could then type them into a text field in the next course/update and their badges/achevievements/rewards etc would show up using variables. You could continue this method until all your updates are completed.

Hope this helps

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