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I'm not sure what I need to accomplish this task. I have an online course I'd like to offer in partnership with various organizations. It is based on an existing lecture which has slides and videos which is based on a book I wrote. We will be sharing revenue. The course cost will be approximately $60.00. People that take the course will have to prove they have done so to get credit. The course content itself is no problem, how to deliver it ... I just don't know where to start. 


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John Wade

I'm not entirely sure whether I need an e-learning authoring tool. I hadn't realized until recently that such a thing existed. I'm trying to learn exactly what I need and what each tool does and doesn't do. I'm not sure where the cross over is. I know I need:

  1. The course
  2. A vehicle that registers and collects money.
  3. An affiliate system would be ideal
  4. A reporting system.
Jerson  Campos

1. The course - You can develop a course using a a variety of rapid development tools such as articulate studio or storyline or you can post a job opportunity here and have a freelance develop build it for you. It might be expensive, but they will already have the software and knowledge to develop a quality product.

2. A vehicle that registars and collects money - Wordpress is a good option for this. There are several plugins that enable wordpress to become a learning management system (LMS) and also collect payment on courses that a user would like to take.  Google "Wordpress LMS" or "LearnDash" and you can find more info on that.

3. Affiliate system - this would have to be implemented at the website level. I'm sure that wordpress also has plugins to make this very easy.

4. Reporting system- The best way to track this is through an LMS. Read #2 above. Alternate options is to embed an action where the user will email you after course completion, but this could get messy depending on the traffic you see.