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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kathy

the functionality isn't there just yet but here is a workaround from Ashley

"While we're still working on that feature you could insert a published Storyline course using an iframe

  1. Publish your Storyline course for web
  2. Upload the published folder to your web server. 
  3. Take the story.html link and place inside this iFrame code:
    <iframe src="insert URL here"></iframe> 
  4. Copy the iFrame code into the URL/Embed  Lesson type or one of the Block types with Multimedia
  5. Use the Share link or Export your Rise course. 
Christine Hounsham

Hi Wendy

I followed your steps and was happy to have it succeed.  My course however is too large (in dimensions) to fit the iFrame.  

Is it possible for the iFrame to be larger or to scale my course to size to fit?

Also re Step 2 above: I put my course in Tempshare and then used that URL in step 3.  Do you know if this will mean that the iFrame link will expire in 10 days?

Thanks muchly.  Regards Christine

Kathy Clowers

Hi Wendy,

I understand what you are suggesting and have tested it. I think where the problem comes in, is when I need to publish it for an LMS. What I have found is, if the Storyline 3 file in not launched directly from the LMS (meaning Rise is, but the embedded URL Storyline file opens in a new window) then the LMS does not track the progress of the user while performing the task in Storyline). That's a problem.

I like the look and feel, and the way that Rise adapts to several devices, but unfortunately I need it to integrate with Storyline 3. Especially since we have 100's of Storyline files already created across numerous clients.

Anyway, thanks for your help, it's greatly appreciated. KC