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Oct 16, 2020


so long story short i am going through the external manual method to allow my rise course to execute javascript .

I have found courses created back in 2016 from Zsolt where his buttons were able to execute javascript. unfortunately when i try it not it doesnt work. 


Does anyone know of an alternative? all i need is a method to execute.



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Ariff Khalid

Yeap its that exact thing that imm looking at now,

I have managed to get the dialogs to run, however the function itself is not executing

“If this works, you're ready to capture other interactions such as clicking any links in Rise, opening an accordion, viewing a page, even scrolling an image or any asset in view. So, for example, we're capturing not only what accordion items users are interacting with, but also what accordion items the users scroll through without interacting them. ”

I’m trying to find more info on this
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Ariff Khalid
Matthew Bibby

Check your browsers JavaScript console for errors. That might point out what's going wrong. If you can't figure it out, don't hesitate to reach out to Zsolt via his profile page, he's a good bloke and I'm sure he'll be able to help. Although he'll likely see this post and respond to here anyway!

thank you i appreciate the help. Basically i'm trying to get Michael Anderson's demo  here to work with Rise Articulate as we've developed the course in Rise. It works great if the web object-published course is in Storyline. but alas, recreating everything in Storyline is not possible at this stage and it's a quick fix required urgently.

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