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Oct 23, 2019


I have a Rise site that I am using to provide resources to our mangers. What started as a few articles and a couple of videos has turned into an ever-growing collection that I am having difficulty in organizing. I need a way to restructure the site to avoid this long list of resources learners have to wade through. For a collection of resources on Active Listening, for example, I had the forethought to use a tabs block to group all related resources. Am I able to "convert" or "drag in" current lessons into a tab or accordion block? Is there something else you would recommend?

I would really appreciate your help with this!

I think you can access the Rise site by clicking on this link:  https://rise.articulate.com/share/tbX_Q1TjyIYBeSCrMxJynpNT1L4hOlHb

Thank you!!

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Karl Muller

Your link does not work.

You need to open the Course, choose SHARE, then find and copy the Preview link.

There is no functionality in Rise to "convert" or "drag in" from a current lesson into another lesson. 

The best you can do is copy blocks between Lessons. To copy content from one Lesson to another, create a Template in the source lesson, then insert that template in the destination Lesson.

Joy McGinty

Hi Karl,

Thank you for responding to my inquiry and for instructing me how to find the Preview link. I did not find it there, but I did find it under SHARE.

Here is the link: https://rise.articulate.com/share/tbX_Q1TjyIYBeSCrMxJynpNT1L4hOlHb if you want to take a look and offer any suggestions. I also updated the link in my original post.

Thanks again!

Ulises Musseb

I'm afraid that you might need to do a major redesign on the "site". I think that thinking of Rise as a site building application might not be the right approach. It is used to create courses (hopefully on one topic), and each topic should be its own "site".

The ever growing course is something that we in my organization have to constantly manage, reminding content owners what the use ans purpose of LMS's, authoring tools and courses are. otherwise, we can end up with an entire library in one course. That's part of what we need to manage with clients and content owners.

Holley Berley

Hi Joy,

Yes I think you are right - if you are going to continue using Rise for this you'll want to combine a few things!  It will probably help to get some input as to what the future holds for these topics.  If you have an idea of what will be added, you'll be better able to combine everything logically.

Since some of your lessons are super short, you should be able to just copy the blocks over into an overall lesson holding multiple pieces (i.e. the videos). 

Maybe have a table of contents (using number bullets) at the page top of each lesson and use the number dividers to divide the content so that it's easy to see what's contained in the lesson without having to scroll so far.

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