Roles and Responsibilities learning activity

Sep 29, 2014

Hello everyone!

I'm developing a course on performance management. I'm looking at a different way to introduce the employees and managers roles and responsibilities during performance review. As such to demystify it.

Originally, I had the learner associate several statements (responsibilities) to the proper role - either the employee or manager.  But the statements I've gathered are too easy. And when it's too easy, what's the point of having the activity in the first place. I wanted something interactive and make them say '' Huh, I really thought I just had to show up for this review. Now, I see I have so much more to do if I want to get this right''

Unless I change my statements and make them harder, do some of you have any other suggestions as to introduce this topic?



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Joe Waddington

My instincts were right there with yours - associate responsibilities with roles.

I don't know that too easy is necessarily a bad thing, especially if its used as just a quick knowledge check.  I think the danger is that the drill become tedious.  Easy+tedious starts to affect the learner's attitude towards the class, and their learning.  I guess the other question I'd have is is it easy because you've been staring at content for a while and know all the answers?

That being said, I'd say stick with your instincts. 

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