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Hey all,

I'm a bit curious... I have been using the free rollover button swf tool which I found through the community. I've been creating images in powerpoint and saving them out. Then I create the rollover buttons and swf file. When I bring them back into powerpoint they are way too big for the slide, even though they were original made there. I mean it's easy to resize them but I was just wondering why???


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David Anderson

Hi Kat,

It's due to the resolution PowerPoint is saving your images as. By default, when you save an image out of PowerPoint, the image resolution is 150. You can see this by opening a PowerPoint saved image in a graphics editor and viewing the image size and resolution.

Here's a quick reference chart I put together a while back. It was designed more for users who were working in Photoshop or other graphics editors and saving their images for use in PowerPoint, but it will show you how the resolution affects image size.

Which rollover tool are you using?

Kat Fardian

Hey David,

That makes sense. I had a look at the file but I'm not sure what I'm looking at. Am I meant to be looking at the size of the grey box in the middle??? What does the red outline and blue square mean? I'm sure its something really simple but just dont quite get it.

I'm using the FreeRoller v2 created by.... hmm I think it was by a Dave maybe???