Rolling die interaction - freebie for Storyline 360

Jan 30, 2018

Hi all,

Inspired by the new(ish) random number generator in Storyline, I decided to make a board game. I'm sure many of you have as well. 

I couldn't find a die-rolling animation after 5 minutes of Googling, so I decided to make one. After all, if you can't find something online in 5 minutes, it might as well not exist. :-)

There are two slides;

  • one where the results are on the front face of the die (for top-down views)
  • one where the results are on the top face of the die (for face-on views)

In either case, the "Rolled" variable stores the result of the roll until you re-roll.

The animation is just a combination of a motion path with a spin entrance animation. Interestingly, they didn't want to play nice together when both were executed by triggers on the "roll" button. To get around that, I moved the die object to a separate layer, and tied the two actions to the start of the layer's timeline. In retrospect, I like it better that way because you can then hide the die between rolls (although I haven't done that in the file).

It's all Storyline triggers and shapes, so you can easily import or recolour it for your projects.


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Ridvan  Saglam

Hi Simon,

Thanks for sharing your way to solution with all these details. It is much easier to build something similar with your explanations. By the way, I think it seems cool without using motion path too. I was just imagining using it in a game and when it comes outside of the screen all the time it might be tiring to watch its coming again and again.  If I can create an interaction in which I use your die, I'll share it here. Thanks again.

Simon Blair

Great thinking, Ridvan! I can see how it might get tiresome after you've seen the die roll a hundred times. :-)

  1. I can think of two approaches to cutting down the animation time.
    The simpler one is to shorten the animation times (maybe 0.25 seconds instead of 1
  2. Another option would be to set up triggers so that if someone clicks on the screen they can skip the animation and just see the result. Maybe that could be done by showing a second layer which has the result, but no animations.


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