Rookie needs help! Please - New layer saying you must first click on video

OK - So I am putting a video icon into one of my slides. I am not at the point where I am adding the actually link. I just want to add a layer that says something like "you must watch video before moving forward".....

What I can do

1. I can get the icon in the middle of the slide. On the base layer

2. I start the next layer and type "you must watch the video before moving forward"

3. Then go to my trigger and select show this layer when user clicks - and all that's there is "unassigned". I want that notification to come up when the user tries to move forward to the next slide without watching the video. But there is no "next slide" under "when user clicks.....argghhhh...please help me.

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Brian Harrington

Thanks very much for helping here...I am pulling my hair out a bit trying
to just figure out - Why I can set a layer to appear when user clicks

I asked someone else and they have me going through all these variables and
true and false It can't be that difficult I feel

[image: image.png]

Wendy Farmer

It looks like from the image you are trying to show the layer from the layer...don't you want to show them the layer if they haven't watched the video on the base? If so, the trigger would be on the base.

It's hard without seeing your file setup so I am making assumptions but this might help you troubleshoot your requirements.

In any case here is a rough sample of what I think you are trying to do.