Rotate object, then drag and drop.

Hi experts,

I want to have a quiz question where the learner must rotate an object to the correct angle, then drag and drop it onto the location. I have got the rotating sorted and the drag and drop. But how can Storyline understand that the answer is only correct when the object has a certain state (rotated position) when dropped? Because now it is always right, since there is only 1 place to drop it. It is the rotated state that it should look at.

How do I do this? Any ideas?

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Lauren,

This can be done using two copies of your object, with the original requiring to be correctly rotated, at which point its state is changed to Hidden and the second copy of the object (showing in its rotated state) is changed to Normal.

This second object is then required to be dropped on the target to get a Correct answer. Dropping the original object in the drop zone can be set to produce an Incorrect answer and, as this will only be possible when it has not yet been correctly rotated, the only way to get a Correct answer is to first rotate the shape correctly and then drop it on the target.

In the attached example, I haven't bothered with the rotation as you already have that worked out, but I have simulated that by simply allowing you to click on the triangular shape. This causes the original image to change to Hidden and the "rotated" version to change to Normal. Dragging the original shape onto the rectangle will produce an Incorrect answer. Dragging the "rotated" shape onto the rectangle will produce a Correct answer.

Hope this helps.