rotating 3D pyramid in ppt?

Sep 19, 2011

This may be a long shot: I need to create a 3D pyramid image for powerpoint that will rotate. Each side of the pyramid will have different information on it.  So the up stays up and the down stays down, but it rotates along its vertical axis. Any ideas?

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Adrian Gates

Have you tried a lot of spam?

Well, I think the best option is to build a slide for every dimension of the pyramid and at the bottom, place two arrows to spin the pyramid left or right. When they click left or right, then they would be hyperlinked to another slide showing the appropriate face. You could animate a turning motion that plays as soon as the new slide loads to give it a little zaz, but I'm not sure which animation would work best.

Adrian Gates

Here's a quickie mockup. Didn't find any default PPT animation that did a 3D spin very well. Maybe you could make something in a video program, Sketchup or flash if you are able. In PPT exclusively though, the lack of animation is not so bad. It definitately limits the amount of slides required since you don't need to build alternates for different animations. I swapped the backgrounds of each pictures to empahsize a change, so maybe that's an option too.

Kristen Hull

I was just looking through this website and thought I'd look for your pyramid:

It doesn't seem to rotate, but it looks good.

 ( I'm writing up all my "cool eLearning tools" bookmarks- I'm not a member on the website, so I've never downloaded from them before).

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