Free Storyboard Template

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share a storyboard that I use. I love it. One of my co-workers gave her storyboard to me years ago and over the years it has evolved something almost completely different. Apparently, others have told me they love it. I thought I'd share it on here as something you can start from and customize it. 

The storyboard is filled in somewhat so you have a better idea of how it is used. The information won't make much sense because it's just random stuff, but you'll get the gist. It's in PowerPoint and very easy to customize for yourself.

I hope you find it as helpful as I do!


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David Anderson

Thanks for sharing the template, Michelle! We receive a lot of requests for PowerPoint-based storyboards so folks will appreciate this.

One of the weekly challenges we did last year was on storyboard examples: 

If you'd like to cross-post your template, I'll feature it in the recap:

Mark Anderson

I like using PowerPoint for storyboards because it allows me to show how the objects will look on the screen.  The notes section is great for developer instructions and narration.  Word is another great tool for building storyboards. We are starting to experiment with using Storyline itself for the storyboard. The advantage is that you can add blank or duplicate slides between the storyboard slides and have all the elements, graphics, and instructions right there to start building the course in one place. 

Michelle Leon

Excellent point, Mark! My co-workers have talked about using Storyline as the storyboard as well to save time spent transferring from PowerPoint to SL. I do a lot of my graphic manipulation in PowerPoint so it's nice that my SME can plop his images into the PPT storyboard and I can work with the image there directly.