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Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Allison,

I've read the answer there, but it doesn't address the question above.

We need to be able to know what Articulate is actually planning for the future, even if, eventually, those plans don't get implemented in the long run, in order to better support our clients medium to long term requirements.

I understand the ease with which both A's can get away with not providing a roadmap - our field is currently in a state of virtual "vendorduopoly" after all - but asking users to commit to a yearly in advance subscription model, without knowing what's in the works is...well...raising a few eyebrows. I've seen one-person firms announce roadmaps for their products, and those are nowhere near as mission-critical to their respective fields as any Articulate product is to e-learning.


Would you?

Just my 2c,

Alexandros Anoyatis

The output does - I'm not sure whether the application still requires flash to be installed so that it can function (If so, I suspect this will be rectified in time), but this is besides the point I was trying to make.

Users must not be kept in the dark just so their vendor can blindside the competition. They should not be kept in the dark, period. A roadmap is such a basic thing to have. It shows that a vendors vision is not restricted to sales drivers. The closest thing so far, in this case, is a 4yr old whitepaper. Hmmmmm....