Saving a Certificate

I want to add an option to save a certificate which I have put in my course. I have got the Print option but the clients want the users to be able to save it as well. I will be publishing it as an LMS file so it will be a HTML format. Would you be able to help me with how the certificate could be saved, please?

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Russell Killips

Hello Mackenzie,

Creating a certificate that can be downloaded is a little bit difficult. It requires some javascript programming skills and using a javascript library.

I like to have certificates downloaded as a pdf. There are a couple of popular javascript libraries out there. PDFMake and jsPDF.

I haven't used PDFMake, but I know others in this community have.

I have attached an updated project for you to take a look at. Here I used a WebObject with jsPDF.

Alexandra Campbell

Does your LMS have a setting for users to be able to download and save a certificate once they have completed the course? If not, what if you created the certificate and hosted it on a sharepoint page (or other internal company wiki or page). Then once the user finishes the course, on the last slide/exit slide/course congrats slide, you can direct learners to that page where the certificate is hosted so that they may download it?