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Jul 03, 2013

Hello Heroes!

I'm working on a course where I would like the learner to visit various places within a town to gather info and participate in various scenarios in order to solve an over arching problem. My question for the forum is where you go to get background images. I've found great office and hospital graphics but I'm looking for things like the inside of a library, shopping mall, town hall, court house, etc. I'm looking for photography over illustrations.

Any suggestions/leads would be much appreciated!

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You can search morguefile for possible pics:

For example:


Shopping Mall:,

City Hall:

Sometimes, when I have a specific style of image in mind, the best solution is to just grab my camera and go take some shots.

Nadia Zaid


Thanks! I was so stuck on searching "elearning scenario backgrounds" that I didn't even check the free sites. I was thinking they'd need to be in a pack of images from the same photographer in order to look cohesive but now that I see these three images I definitely think I can find separate images that mesh with each other.

Thanks for getting me out of my little thinking rut

Daryl Meissner

Here is a scenariosmodule I just built a gavel and an open file folder for the background images. These did come from shutterstock as our company has an account but I am sure similar images are available on the free sites. Another royalty-freeresource for images, clip art, and animations is Microsoft Office at

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