Scenario based elearning feedback

Hi everyone,

I am currently in concept stage of creating a scenario based elearning course. My plan has been to present the user with scenatio options, each option they choose this will load a different page:

  • If correct- this will load correct feedback page.
  • If fail- this will load wrong feedback and will tell user to start again.
  • If moderate fail- this will bring up a page with feedback but allows user to continue

This format will apply to each option and i am hoping this offers a scenario based learning. With the user having to start again if they choose a failed option.

The question i have, is that i seen examples of this type of learning from this link:

What i liked about this module it that is offers feedback summary on the exact route the user went on. I am trying to replicate this and wondered how i would go about it? I have used Composica in the past and could not think of a way around this. My company are currently in the stage of buying TTKF but far as i am aware it is very similar to Composica in terms of creating soft skills training.

Any ideas on how i could go about this would be helpful.


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi again Alpesh,

I'm not familiar with that product, but perhaps others in the community might be able to offer their advice and opinions. The Broken Co-Worker demo that you mentioned earlier was built in Articulate Storyline, which offers easy ways to branch the learner to different content in the course, depending on their responses to the questions. 

Alpesh Mistry

Hi jeanette,

Thank you for your reply. Far as i am aware TTKF will allow me to branch off to other pages, to help set the scene for each scenario and give error feedback. what i quite liked about the broken co worker example is that it gave specific feedback to the route the user took.

iv seen some infomation on variables setting in articulate. is this what calculates what feedback to present at the end from the pages that the user has veiwed? I have been in contact with the developers of TTKF to see if they have any calculations tools or if i would have to apply to coding to allowing this calculations?

Think im complicating this project i am working on but if it had this feature it would be great and more engaging :o)

Jeanette Brooks

I can't speak for TTKF, but in Storyline you can create very specific feedback based on a previous answers. There are lots of ways to do this... one way is to apply branching, but you could also use other methods of customizing the feedback & learning path... for example you could display different slide layers, or different object states of an image or text box, depending on how a learner has answered a particular question.