Scenario based learning

Mar 21, 2019

Does Storyline have any type of Scenario based learning?

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David Tait
Ray Cole

Storyline doesn't have scenario-based features as-such, but you can create almost any scenario you want with a little effort. I like to use Michael Allen's "CCAF" concept to design them.

CCAF stands for "Context," "Challenge," "Activity," "Feedback," which Allen identifies as the four elements of a successful learning interaction.

  • Context: What are the circumstances in which the learner will solve the problem?
  • Challenge: What problem are you asking the learner to solve?
  • Activity: How will the learner make his or her solution known to the course (usually this is by clicking or dragging something)?
  • Feedback: How will the learner discover the quality and correctness of his or her solution to the problem posed?

I'm part of a 2-person safety training team. Here is a recent electrical safety course we've done that makes fairly substantial use of the CCAF design model to sprinkle many short (and some not-so-short) scenario-based problems throughout:


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