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Phil Mayor

If they are simple T/F or Multiple choice you could use a freeform Multiple select and button sets to achieve what looks like 7 questions on one slide but to get correct you would need to get them all correct.

It would be possible to show the correct/incorrect on the slide by checking the states of the objects based on which one is selected, and then showing a tick or a cross. Passing this information to a results slide would take more work.  You would need to set a variable for each question and then use hidden real question slides that set the answer and the submit the question all using timeline start triggers, this may also show (be visible as flicker to user) dependent on the speed of the LMS.

Phil Mayor

You would do most of it on the base layer add all your objects and then add button sets to the associated objects.

On your submit button you would check the state of each object and they show correct or incorrect based on these values, you could change the state of an object to show a tick or a cross. 

Susie Davies

So sorry to ask for more help but your answers are really just what i need.  I am not sure how to show the different states with a tick and if I need to use buttons for pick many. I've attached what I have built but wonder if you can take a look and send me some more instructions if you have time on how to make up the slide.