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Christine Hounsham

I have built a likert survey (10 qu - 5 choices), tied to a single variable "Quiz" which adds varying numerical values based on the selection (ie Stongly Disagree +0.2, Disagree +0.4, Neutral +0.6, etc).

On the next slide a have a 'Results' slide, which includes:

-a text reference box to display the Quiz variable score;

-four result boxes, one for each of the result categories.  These each have a normal and a 'Your Score' state.  'Your Score' shows on the box related to the score from the Variable.  

- a single text box, with varying text states related to the four different categories.  

All this works very well. 

On the previous button I have added the condition to reset Quiz variable to = 0, if people go back to redo to survey.   On both slides I have set the slide Resume State to Initial State.

When the learner replays the survey for a second time (by click previous to go back), the Quiz result number is correct, however, this doesn't retrigger the change states on either the 4 shapes, or the text response.  

FYI - For each of these elements the 'change state' trigger is set for 'on entry of the specific element'.  I set these triggers to this, because when set to 'on start of timeline' the elements appeared when in their changed state at 0 sec mark.  

Does anyone know why the change state triggers aren't working when redo survey via the previous button. 

Story file attached. 

Thank you.  Christine