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Apr 13, 2019

Hi Everyone,

I'm creating an exercise where the participants need to rate themselves on their effectiveness at delegating. There are six questions and five possible choices. I want to assign points to each choice (choice 1=1point, choice 2=2points, choice 3=3points, and so on). After answering all their questions, the learner gets a score. Based on their score, they will get 1 of 5 possible feedback responses.

For example: A score of 5-10 would be say "You need work!" A score of 11-15 would say "You're not bad". Ok, it wouldn't say that but that's all I have at this time of night.

Anyway, would variables work with this one? Any guidance would be much appreciated! Thanks!!

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Punam Parab

Hi Elizabeth,

Variables are a good option when it comes to creating conditional statements like the one you have mentioned in your example.

To get your conditional statement to work, you can create a Numeric variable. Let's call it 'Score'. You can then create a trigger that adds numeric value (points) to the 'Score' each time a learner makes a choice

Your a trigger will look something like this:

  1. Action: Adjust Variable
  2. Variable: Score
  3. Value : 3
  4. When: User  Clicks
  5. Object : Choice 3

(Note: If you are using a radio button/check box, the 'When' will be 'state' of the radio button/check box is selected.)

To display the required result, you can create three text boxes with the your feedback, and set the initial state of these boxes to 'Hidden'. Then you can have  three triggers  with each trigger changing the state of a particular box to 'Normal' on the basis of the numeric value of the 'Score'

For example:

  1. Action: Change State of
  2. Object: Text Box 1
  3. To State : Normal
  4. When: Timeline Starts
  5. Condition: Score is greater than or equal to 5 and lesser than or equal to 10

Hope this helps!


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