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Sergey Snegirev branchtrack.com

We moved from 1.2 to 2004 4th edition because of a single (but very annoying) limitation. In SCORM 1.2, the maximum length of suspend data is 4Kb, which is often not enough to store some course data. SCORM 2004 provides 64Kb, which is more than enough. Other differences are much subtler and do not impact people who build single-SCO courses in rapid tools.

Oran Lewis

Unless I am mistaken it is the data that tracks progress within lesson or course. It records time spent in a lesson or course and tracks the location at which the user stopped in or completed a lesson.

It appears that when the suspend data limit is exceeded, bad things happen like the LMS can no longer provide the resume function and loses track of the time keepingĀ for a student's work.