Scorm-integrated platform for small biz?

My small 2-person organisation is looking to set up an e-platform to run about 10 paid courses. I have tried all the usual suspects like Teachable, Kajabi, etc but only one (LearnWorlds) allows me to embed SCORM courses, but does not integrate with the platform - meaning I can't actually capture learner responses - they go into an e-learning black hole. Not helpful. They all feature quizzes as part of their package - but no other interactivity. snore.

Anybody have any platform ideas for just conducting a few courses on pay-as-you-enroll basis? One that is economical to host?

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Christy Tucker

LearnDash and LifterLMS are Wordpress LMS plugins that can both track xAPI courses. I know you asked for SCORM, but publishing from SL to xAPI isn't really much different, and you can actually track responses that way. Both of those are fairly affordable options, even when you take into account hosting and other plugins.

Philip Landry

I have tried Coggno in the past, they are good people. I am not sure if the LMS capability tracking is there but give it a try and see. They continually make efforts at improving.

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