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Karl Muller

Hi Rachel,

There is no average size for SCORM ZIP files as there are too many variables that could impact the size of the ZIP file.

Videos are typically what lead to very large SCORM files. Audio files and Images also contribute a lot to the file size.

We do not upload our video files into our courses, and do not use audio.

Our course file sizes: minimum 2 MB, maximum 40 MB. Average about 10 MB.

What is "too large" is determined by what your specific LMS can handle, as most LMS have a maximum size for SCORM zip files.

Pras N

The size being too large is constrained by two factors 

1. Max file size limit on your LMS

2. End user's bandwidth, eg. people working from remote locations with unpredictable network condition. If the course is too large in size, it may lead to buffering and other bad ux. 

All in all,  as its with human, too much of obesity has a side effect, I feel that same for over multimedia fortified large SCORM courses.