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Durgesh Sahu

Hi Minh thank you for your reply, actually earlier I tried downloading the RELOAD player but found out that there site is down and the other various sites  which offers the installer also navigates to the same site (reload.ac.uk). Do you have any information from where i can download the RELOAD  installer for windows ?. It will be of great help.


Li Li

I had downloaded the Player, but when testing a course, it didn't work as the course could not be uploaded to the player.

Has the player worked for you? Does it only work for SCORM1.2?


Durgesh Sahu said:

Hi Minh i have tried some other links and got success in downloading the RELOAD player. Here is the link for for RELOAD SCORM player in case if anyone is interested in downloading it  -


Once again thanks for replying.

Li Li

Steve Flowers said:

Hi Li Li - 

You can check your Java version here:


Thanks, Steve! I appreciate it. I just did it. But Tips for someone who is new to this. If you don't have admin right, you can still verify the version instead of verifying and replacing the old version. The latest version is 7.