SCORM vs. Common Cartridge

Our college recently migrated from Blackboard to a program called eRacer. eRacer doesn't recognize my Articulate tutorials because, I'm told, that Articulate is SCORM compliant and eRacer is IMS Common Cartridge compliant.

This is beyond my capabilities as a Media Producer. Can anyone offer suggestions on converting from SCORM to Common Cartridge?

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David Fair

Hi, Michael.  Unfortunately, if your new LMS is not SCORM or AICC compliant, you will not be able to use it to track your Articulate content.

If you have the option to consider another LMS, you might take advantage of Articulate Online's 30-day free trial to see if it will meet your needs.  Or try an open-source LMS, such as Dokeos, eFront, Docebo, or Moodle.

Although email is not intended as a robust tracking mechanism, Quizmaker does provide an option for emailing results.  Upon completion of a quiz, the user can choose to email the results to a designated email address.  However, due to web browser, Flash Player, and email security issues, this method may not always work as expected.  We suggest thoroughly testing this method in your environment to see if it meets your needs.  For more information, please review this article

Some Articulate users are successfully sending results via PHP or by using a database, but be aware that these methods are not supported by Articulate.

Steve Flowers

Hmm... From what I've read about the LETSI CC standard, I never saw these as competing standards. The common cartridge standard was intended as a way to move your entire facilitated course structure between one system and another, not provide the communication protocols for tracking individual self-directed components. In fact, as I understand, the CC standard is designed to *contain* SCORM components.

I suspect this LMS might support SCORM communication. If they do not, you may want to research alternatives for tracking score / completion of self-directed components.

Michael Murphy

Thanks for your quick responses.

That is my understanding as well. I will have to do some more integration tests. So far, when I try and post my zipped Articulate file into the eRacer LMS program it will not recognize it. I could just post my tutorials on a website but then I lose the tracking and data retrieval features (I think)